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Even if you’re a true Super Hero, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t ever met such an ordinary problem like fear, shyness or sensibility, which can make your childhood hard and unbearable. 

To learn how to cope with all this problems, the Super kids will take you to the world of fiction and educational series, which are bases of a the global project named SUPERKIDS. 

It consists of educational animated series (SuperKids Tips) and artistic animated series (SuperKids: 100 Wonders).

“SuperKids Tips” it’s a world wide release of successful Ukrainian TV project “Usefull Tips”, implemented by the order of children’s TV channel “Plus Plus” (Media Holding "1+1" ) and produced by Master Video animation studio.

“SuperKids Tips” is a set of short 10 min educational animated episodes which show how to deal with lots of “unserious” children’s problems in funny and easy way.

Svetlana Royz, one of the best Ukrainian children psychologists, and Anton Siyanika – popular children’s books writer, were invited to take part in the project.

Generous rating results were received after the broadcast of the first 40 episodes of “Useful Tips” in 2013-2014 on Ukrainian TV Chanel "Plus Plus". So the decision to continue the project was made immediately. The 2nd season of “Usefull Tips” will be presented on April 2015.

Inspirited by national success of the project, Master Video’s team significantly improved the scripts, stories and animation to present a global release of the project, called “SuperKids Tips”.  New episodes bacame more "useful" and "kiddy". We believe that new Tips have been loved by Ukrainian children and will be also appreciated by audience all over the world.

“SuperKids: 100 Wonders” tells the story about amazing adventures of two schoolmates in a magic world. The only thing which can save them from disappearance is making good things.
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